Chemical Development

Chemical process research, development and optimization for scale-up

Having developed several chemical processes for products that are on the market, Provepharm Solutions can claim real strengthes in this field (visit our news page or click here to read about another success story) such as synthetic pathways optimization with respect to industrial restrains (raw materials availability, security, cost and environment).
With the recent partnership with Axyntis Group and the in-house set up of a 60L kilolab process optimization is proposed for manufacturing on the kilogram scale and can then be transferred on the ton scale.

In terms of analyses, we house or have access to all necessary equipment to report on LC-MS and NMR analyses, residual solvents, water content, heavy metals content, RX analysis, IR...
Isolation and Characterization of Impurities

Depending on the type of media in which the impurities have been detected, their concentration, and the requested quantities we can either:
-  Proceed with isolation and purification of these impurities, or
-  Try to enrich them prior to isolation and purification, or
-  Try to find a chemical pathway to synthesize these impurities.

Custom synthesis

  • reagents, scaffolds and building blocks
  • intermediates and advanced intermediates
  • lead compounds
  • samples and reference compounds
  • metabolites
  • analytical standards
  • focused libraries

Our lab capacity enables us to respond to inquiries dealing with quantities ranging from mg to kg-scale. The scope of our services also includes:

  • literature search
  • design of new routes of synthesis and process research
  • process development and optimization for scale-up
  • construction of full technical package for transfer to larger scales
  • analytical development

We are accustomed to studying cases involving a large variety of chemistries. We are true generalists in this field yet with special expertises in phenothiazines, azaindoles, sugar, nucleosides, nucleotides, conjugated dienes, heterocyclic chemistries which we have also built through our internal R&D programs.