4 and 7-aza-indoles

This program has been developed in collaboration with Pr Jean Rodriguez of the Paul Cezanne’s University of Marseille (ISM2 group).

  • An innovative synthetic pathway has been designed and implemented at lab scale allowing an easier access to 4-aza-indoles and 7-aza-indoles moieties. To validate this new methodology of synthesis, over 600 structures were synthesized. And, from carefully chosen scaffolds, a library of 1095 compounds was generated, each compound being purified by prep HPLC and analytical data collected by LC-MS. NMR show purity levels >95%.
  • The catalog of these building blocks together with the library are available upon request in the forms of .sdf or.db files.
  • From this 4- and 7-aza-indole program, Provence Technologies has been leading an ambitious collaborative program aiming at screening azaindoles based nucleosides in the antiviral and oncology fields. This upstream drug discovery project has so far shown promising results of activity.